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Strange sightings since New Age

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-Day 5: we were on the freeway heading towards school when we saw a bald eagle swooping out of the road. It was holding an orange cat (Noah tried to say it was a rat, then a rabbit, but we finally had to accept what we had seen 😦



-Day 7: morning we were turning out of my street and in front of us some crows started flying from the left out of the bushes, and then came a large hawk! It was enormous and it seemed really strange that it was in such close proximity to other crows as I thought they generally fought each other when they were in each other’s presence.


Photo Credit:Vidular


-Day 7: we were driving to my house and we saw a shooting star. It actually gave us quite a scare because it was going directly downward, seemingly towards earth. Noah told me not to worry, it didn’t hit Earth because when a comet hits Earth the sky lights up, but it was still really intense.


-Day 9: while driving with mom I saw an eagle flying while on the freeway


-Day 11: while spending time with Noah in the car, he saw an eagle flying over us. I didn’t see it because I was facing the other direction.


-Day 14: Saw 2 hawks flying low over me while driving home. One seemed to fly “with” me for a while.


-Day 16: Noah and I were driving on the freeway when we saw 2 hawks flying low over us



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Fateful Story

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I went to go shopping at PCC with my mom. On the way back to picking up Noah who I left to do work at school I got a little lost (I do that VERY OFTEN, despite having lived in the area for most of my life) and ended up on the wrong freeway. I had the choice to exit the freeway and take the right one or take back roads. I decided to take a longer route to the school than usual. While driving through the suburbs there was a cute adolescent puppy walking along the road. I stopped and he ran right up to me, he had a collar but no tags. I knocked on the nearest door but the guy who answered said he didn’t know where it came from.


I thought it was absolutely adorable and since I was only 10 minutes or less from the school I decided to pick Noah up first and then try to find the owner. On the way back I began to get really intimidated with all the nearby houses, Noah began to suggest we just take it to the pound. I was hoping for fate to guide us to the correct owner. I finally decided to park at a house and while I was asking the neighbors if they knew of the dog a woman ran out right in front of the car with a very worried look on her face. Noah was still at the car and asked if she was missing her dog. She exclaimed “Yes! Thank you!” and told us her son must have let him out before going to basketball practice. She was searching the house for a while and just ran out to search for Baxter (the dog).


It seemed remarkably fateful that we pulled in at the precise time she ran out to find her dog. I could have not picked up Noah first and went from house to house or I could have checked a completely different area. All of the clumsy detours I made created just enough time for the owner to come out right in front of our car. The timing of that whole situation was perfect.

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Maori Drawing Exercise

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Here’s a wonderful DRAWING EXERCISE (10-15 minutes) used as a diagnostic tool by ancient MAORI MEDICINE MEN in New Zealand. In the old days, it was drawn in the sand with a stick, and was done once a year on one’s birthday or in the season of Summer.

It’s a fun way to by-pass your ego to get another perspective on yourself at this particular time in your life.

MAKE YOUR DRAWING BEFORE you read the explanations about each symbol … let the results surprise you.

You’ll need …
(1) Pen or pencil
(2) One plain sheet of paper 8 1/2″ x 11″ or larger

Optional …
(3) Colored pens, markers or crayons

You may take as long as you wish to make your drawing.

Step 1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper, creating a ‘sacred space’ on the page.

STEP 2. On the BACK of the paper, write the following eight words. These are 8 universal symbols, sacred to the Maori, for transformation and healing:


STEP 3. Draw these 8 sacred symbols into your sacred space, placing them in a kind of setting. (Take as long as you like. Read the next section after you’ve completed your drawing.)

do your drawing first then scroll down










































This is a sacred portraiture of your work for this next year and it symbolizes from where you’ve come, where you are now and where you’re going.

Adding extra items …

The first thing the medicine person would observe is if you’ve added anything extra that is not on the list.

It is said that children always add more. For example, they tend to add the sun and the moon, little stick figures, animals, water — they add everything. If you didn’t add anything extra, not to worry.

In the Maori language there is no word for “comparison.” You have exactly what you need to sustain your health and well-being for now. If you didn’t add anything extra, you didn’t need that to sustain your health and well-being.

The Maori medicine person would go through and put an “X” on all those extra things and say “I have marked all those things that will heal you because you know they will heal you. You know they will heal you because you added them in.”

(So you if added the sun and moon, it might mean that you need to be outdoors more … it’s taken very literally. If you added people, you need more people contact. That will sustain your health and well-being. If you didn’t add anything, that’s not your work. Not to worry.)

Duplicating any symbols …

Secondly, see if you DUPLICATED any of the symbols. Instead of one mountain, for example, you might have drawn a whole mountain range. Instead of one flower you might have drawn a field of flowers or a flock of birds or more snakes. Any symbol that you have duplicated represents a process in you that wants to be amplified and deepened in multiple arenas of your life. When you learn the meaning of the symbols, you’ll know which ones want to be amplified or deepened.

Adding details …

Thirdly, the Maori would see which of the symbols you fussed over, you went over again, or re-worked, like it wasn’t quite right. Here again, any symbol you fussed over or re-worked, you should pay careful attention to because it signifies a process that, for you, is a source of unlimited creativity and healing.

Next, the Maori would make a dotted line vertically down the middle and another line horizontally across the drawing.

STEP 4. Fold your whole page into quarters so that there is a folded cross that goes through the paper … making four quadrants. You may put a dotted line on these folds, if you like.


The upper left is called the Valley of the Birds. It’s a metaphor for your MENTAL nature. You have drawn in everything that will support your MENTAL health and well-being for next year. If you have a lot of activity and symbols there, your mind is very active and wants to be worked with. If it looks like there are very few symbols there and it’s real quiet then, quite literally, your mind wants more quiet this year.

If your Bird happens to be in that quadrant, the Maori medicine person knows only one thing. That if you’re complaining of a problem or ill-health or something awful in your life, and your Bird is there, the Maori knows it’s NOT your mind that’s creating the problem. The source of the disease or illness or complaint is NOT coming from the mind. If your Bird is not there, then not to worry. You’ve drawn in what you need to support your mental health and well-being this year. (You didn’t need the Bird.)

The lower left-hand quadrant is called The Valley of the Flowers. This is the EMOTION quadrant or the heart quadrant. The symbols that you’ve drawn there are all you need to support your EMOTIONAL health and well-being for this year, if you will work with those symbols. If your FLOWER is there, your source of disease, or discomfort, your problem is NOT an emotional or heart issue. If the flower is not there, then the Maori medicine person knows that you have everything there that you need to support your emotional health and well-being for this year.

The upper right-hand quadrant is called the Valley of the Mountains. This is the SPIRITUAL quadrant and trusting in one’s own intuition and spiritual beliefs. It’s also associated with energy and vitality and life force. You’ve drawn in everything that will support your spiritual health and well-being for this year. If a Mountain is there, it means your complaint or problem is not a spiritual problem. If the Mountain is not there, then it’s okay, because you have drawn in everything you need …

The lower right-hand quadrant is called the Valley of the Trees. This is the PHYSICAL quadrant. This is the quadrant of health, finances, work and creativity. It represents anything in the Outer World. It symbolizes your ability to manifest in the world. It’s your ability to have a quality life-style. It’s your ability to take care of your right livelihood, your body, your work and your physical health. So, you have everything there, drawn in, to support your financial health and well-being, your physical health and well-being and your creative work and right livelihood. If any part of your Tree is there, even if it’s a little leaf or a root, then the medicine person knows that your problem is not with your body, not your finances, it’s not your work. It’s not your external world that’s causing the problem. If a tree is not there, then that’s fine. You have everything there that will support those parts of your life.

If you have a quadrant that doesn’t have anything in it, it’s time for stillness. Lots of symbols drawn in a particular quadrant mean activity. Very few symbols means quiet, rest and stillness. It could be that you need to rest (in that area).

If you have a Bird in the Bird quadrant and a Flower in the Flower quadrant, a Mountain in the Mountain quadrant and a Tree in the Tree quadrant, and you still have a problem, the Maori medicine person would say you’re making it up! You’re creating your own problem! (It can happen!)

(Read the below AFTER you’ve completed your drawing.)


Wherever you have drawn the snake is where the process of healing, regeneration and renewal is occurring, in whatever quadrant or quadrants.

The snake is a very powerful symbol of transformation, cross- culturally.

On your snake, have you drawn an eye, or two eyes and eyelashes? If you drew an eye on your snake, it will be very healing to you to ‘express your vision’ or to use your vision more creatively. If you didn’t, this is not your healing work this year.

Did you draw a little tongue on your snake? That’s where communication is very important. It will be very healing to communicate your ideas (if it’s in the mental quadrant) or your feelings if it’s in the emotional quadrant, or communicate your spirituality if it’s in the spiritual quadrant, or communicate in the outer world if it’s in the physical quadrant. If you didn’t draw a tongue for your snake, communication is not an issue for you. It’s not your healing work for this year.

Did you decorate your snake? Stripes, dots, rings, etc., signify that bringing more beauty into your life would be more healing and renewing to you. If you didn’t decorate your snake, that’s not your requirement this year.


The flower … is where you are willing to be open, to be vulnerable. It signifies where you are growing and unfolding. The flower is a universal symbol of being able to grow, to open, to blossom without defenses. Wherever your flower is, that’s where you are most open to new ideas, new feelings, new spiritual growth or new ways in the outer world, etc.


The bird … whatever quadrant or quadrants, this is where communication is absolutely essential, because the bird is a universal symbol of the messenger. Wherever it is, you carry a gift of communication and it needs to be used in that area … to maximize your personal health and well-being.


The path … wherever it is located on your drawing, the path is the universal symbol of direction and goals. You have goals that are either mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. You have a direction. It’s also interesting to see where the path goes and what it connects with on your drawing. If the path goes up to your house, then you have goals and intentions that will support you in that quadrant. If your path is in all four quadrants it means you have goals in all four areas.


The mountain … wherever it is, is where you have a deep connection to the sacred. You have a deep sense of faith and trust in the Mystery.

A mountain is a universal symbol of searching, seeking, questing, exploring our connection to faith and spirituality. Every culture of the world has its ‘sacred mountain’ which seems to reach up to what is higher and greater.

If you have drawn a mountain in the mind quadrant, your connection to the spirit is through the inspired mind. Or if you have drawn a mountain in the emotional quadrant, your spiritual connection is through your love nature, through the heart. If you have placed it in the spiritual quadrant, you very easily and fully connect to the Source. If you have it in the physical quadrant, your spirituality is spirit in action, using it in practical ways, perhaps volunteering, counseling or donating.


The butterfly is a major symbol of Transformation from the chrysalis to the caterpillar to the butterfly. When it reaches the butterfly stage, it’s in its last stage. The butterfly is a universal symbol of completion, having completed something fully.

In whatever quadrant or quadrants you’ve drawn the butterfly, you are completing something fully, either mentally or emotionally or spiritually or physically. Something is coming to completion within your nature, something you may have outgrown or find unnecessary now, because you’ve experienced it to its fullness.


The tree, in whatever quadrant or quadrant you have drawn the tree, it is yet another reminder of transformation, but particularly of natural, organic growth.

This is a symbol of no pretense. It’s a symbol of authenticity. It’s a symbol of organic, natural growth, whether you are conscious or unconscious of it’s role in your life. (We often take trees for granted.)

The roots of the tree, whether they’re exposed or not in your drawing, is where your heritage and your legacy are revealing their importance to you. A tree can not stand unless it is rooted. If you’ve drawn those roots to make them visible for all to see, then it’s very important. You want people, everyone, to see where you’ve come from. Your past is important to show. People will know that your roots are important to you.

If you didn’t draw roots so that others can see them, they’re important too, but you want to be able to share them (your personal history) with only those people you trust.

The trunk of the tree represents your present work, so whichever quadrant the trunk is drawn in is where you’re willing to show up and be present. The branches of the tree symbolize what you’re reaching for, what you want to harvest or bring to fruition. So you might have branches going up to the mind, harvesting new ideas and so forth.


The house or shelter, wherever you have drawn it, is a symbol of identity strengths, ego and personality. You carry a strong mental identity or strong emotional identity or strong financial or work identity. Sense of self, sense of identity, sense of home, sense of strength. It’s where you carry your strength, where you feel secure, where you feel strong.


You may want to color your drawing and perhaps title and date it. It would be interesting to put it on your wall as a visual affirmation for this year.

If you drew any symbols OUTSIDE the circle, they represent processes on which you want no limitations. Freedom, exploration.

If you omitted a symbol, it’s not your healing work for this year. Not to worry. And remember, anything extra you added, that was not called for, symbolizes that you know you need that process to heal yourself. You might have added water, which means you need to be in and around more water for some reason.

Best of luck!

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After the Break

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Though my break was intended for me to not waste time being New Age when there was no time to be anything, it also proved very useful for learning how I’ve changed and what it’s like to be me again. I realized that I’d been quickly losing my motivation to be New Age and that perhaps a 5 day break in between a month of being something was a good idea to keep me from losing motivation.


Anyway, the vacation wasn’t all I was hoping for in the end. I had to perform at a play twice and then I had to go to a dance, after the dance I had to pack and the next day I went to Vegas until this Monday.

I went on my favorite websites before Vegas. It wasn’t a breathtaking experience. I also watched some TV, and I was expecting to be completely sucked in because it seemed that since I started this experiment whenever I’m around a TV I’m completely absorbed in it. This wasn’t really the case strangely enough. I wasn’t really missing technology as much as I thought I would.


I even drank a long island iced tea (an alcoholic beverage) and felt loopy after just one drink! My tolerance to alcohol has gone way down, which is fine with me!


Vegas was completely anti-New Age! Everything there embodied fakeness and extravagance. It was quite a sight to see, but I almost felt guilty for having anything to do with it. I kept thinking about how many resources, valuable resources, were used to create this alternate world. It really is the city of sin, and everyone there was out for your money. It was so much, too much of a contrast for me! Vegas and I have no chemistry together. I felt like I was trying to force myself to be interested in a man that I had nothing in common with.


It just didn’t work between us…


It made me realize that even me being myself I wasn’t artificial or stupid enough to get sucked into that crazy world. The façade was so thin, everyone was so sweet and courteous, they really seemed to go the extra mile to help you, but once you did anything that broke the rules, you were OUT. The kindness was so obviously an act to get money from me, it was like they were saying “Thanks for throwing your money away to us, here’s another free drink!”



The first time I saw the strip and the hotels I had this burning desire to be rich, to be able to fully indulge in such a place. After a while of exploring, I saw a dried up fountain with litter in and the hoses were exposed. It sharply dropped me back into reality: this place wasn’t real, it wasn’t a Wonderland, it was an illusion. I didn’t want this; I didn’t want to come here with lots of money so I could throw it away without a care in the world. I didn’t want to go to a fancy swimming pool, reserve the best spot, and sit there alone having luxury. It wasn’t like my life was bad before Vegas, it just seemed so humble that I initially felt like a peasant from the medieval times seeing a kingdom.

I mean, who would want this?


But my life before this was great! If I had had millions of dollars I would live pretty much the same way, except I would eat out more. I didn’t need to have this luxury to make me happy, and this luxury wouldn’t solve my problems. This revelation was a great relief; I knew now that my life was amazing and great, and that made me incredibly happy.


Still, I felt a lot of guilt for getting a free trip to Vegas and not fully enjoying it. I guess it’s not my fault because after all I never asked to go to Vegas. I’m glad for the enlightening experience and grateful that I got to meet and get to know the people I did.


On Tuesday I decided to not become New Age yet because I didn’t have any of the clothes or food and I had a huge assignment due. On Monday night right before we boarded the plane I looked online and realized that I had a giant project due! I was up really late working on it and then up early trying to finish it. Tuesday night was the only real break I got honestly, and I utilized as much as I could possibly utilize it! I sat and watched TV and ate Ling Ling potstickers the whole night, and the next morning I didn’t wake up until 10:30! Oh man it was so nice to just sleep and relax!


I’m definitely going to miss TV and meat (and pizza, and Internet) but I kinda missed being New Age. I liked the searching for inner peace, and missed that peaceful feeling I had before this break. I’m glad I got to take a break, but I kind of wish it was more of a break from everything instead of one thing.

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Taking a Break

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Hey guys, I’ve decided to take a break from New Age because I will be far too busy this week to accurately represent it. I will be gone from Wednesday (today) to Tuesday of next week. A list of obligations have compounded into one week and it just seems more beneficial to tack on an extra 6 days to my month instead of blogging about being busy doing other things unrelated to New Age.

I’ll continue veganism to its capacity (I don’t know if that’s possible while in Vegas on a budget, but I’ll do my absolute best) and I’ll continue reading books about New Age but unless something relevant happens I won’t be blogging until Tuesday.

Having only a month to do any personality is a limited amount of time and when I was too busy to do anything girly I felt like I had wasted an important day of learning how to feel the part.

Thank you for reading and I hope you keep coming back!

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Friend’s Eerie Ghost Story

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“I woke up with a person lying next to me. I was not dreaming, but I also did not have my eyes open when I saw the face in my Mind’s Eye…
She was greenish in color and her face was threatening–or at least emotionally fatigued. She was a corpsey shell of character, and I knew that she was right there with me.

The chill forced my eyes open. I switched the lights on and there was a void where I had felt something close.

I have always been of an open (enough) mind that I felt I knew there was a spirit present and I was freaked out. I asked for whatever was in the room to leave, and waited until I was comfortable enough to turn the lights back off and lie down for sleep.

The next night I had decidedly avoided my own bed! Instead I slept on the couch downstairs and it still happened again. I rolled over and to my left was the same face, only this time, it seemed, more starved for attention. I felt a gGiant chill on the nape of my neck and just at that moment the burglar alarm went off. LOUD. I jumped up and fixed the alarm on my way to check to see if the clocks had gone out or were blinking from the power surge. They had not changed a bit. it was 3:30am.

The burglar alarm for my house was not armed. I was sleeping downstairs right in front of a motion sensor that would have tripped the alarm had I set the code.

I provoked the spirit a little later, in the effort of denying it entry to the house. I was watching TV, and at the moment I said something, the screen got all pixelated– as if somebody was pressing down on the screen. The burglar alarm went off right at that moment.

The next day, when I came home in the evening, I was exhausted from playing ball all day, and was in somewhat of a lighter, more forgiving mood. I decided that, this night, if anything happens, I will accept it with an open heart and open mind. I also had the feeling that the spirit was only starved of love anyways.

Nothing happened


Back to Day 1

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Experiment #2: New Age

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New Age and Me

I chose New Age because my mom could relate to many of the practices, meaning I wouldn’t have to spend too much money on it and since I am a poor college student, that worked out nicely for me.

Personally though, I find New Age to be somewhat annoying. I feel as if it’s a place where people choose to believe whatever they want to believe, while I choose to be more grounded in reality. Still, I admit that I do have many spiritual beliefs, and I honestly feel that spirituality and science will eventually combine. I think there are aspects of spirituality that have truth. I just believe that studies will eventually prove them.

I have a scientific mind, but it’s still open to new and exciting things.

I respect their practices for self-betterment though and have always tried to improve my own personality but not through spirituality.

Doing more research on this has made me respect the subculture much more because it seems that
many of these people are laid back and open minded; two virtues I value. Also, I strongly believe in the “placebo effect” to help with a lot of problems today and though I may not believe that some holistic medical practices work I do value their use on people who believe in them.

I’m looking forward to opening my mind and forgetting about how “cheesy” things are. The more I immerse myself into this culture, the more excited I am for how it will change me for the better. This will be much easier than Girly Girl, which required a relentless and painful routine based completely on my outer appearance.

What’s Going to Happen?

I think I will embrace the free flowing, laid back attitude of New Age and not try for structure. I will schedule events to attend and regular practices like meditation but I will not plan my outfits ahead of time and I will not force when and where I am going to adopt a certain belief. I expect to meet a lot of different people through the course of this experiment and in doing so I will be lead into different practices as they come to me.

Here’s what I’ll be doing for sure:

  • Never “talking shit” about people: show understanding and tolerance of others
  • Become a vegan
  • Eat healthy!!
  • Avoid technology whenever possible (only computer for work and school, NO TV OR GAMING)
  • in my spare time read Eckhart Tolle and other books related to spirituality
  • Regularly do yoga and meditate
  • frequent places that New Age people go to (instead of spending all my time at school, leave as soon as I can)
  • Surround myself with people who identify as New Age or practice a branch of spirituality that applies to the culture
  • Always maintain an open mind
  • Try to have sustainable practices
  • Dress in “New Age” clothes (loose, flowy, colorful, or earthy)

There are a few things I want to try once or twice over the course of this month:

  • Astral travel
  • Hold a Séance
  • Do tarot card reading
  • Crystal Healing
  • Homeopathy (if I ever feel sick)
  • Acupuncture

This list will probably be modified once I surround myself with New Age people.

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It’s Official: New Age!

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Ok guys, I know it’s been a big wait, and I’m sorry! I had to take a break for finals and since I’m getting credits for this quarter I waited for the quarter to start. Don’t worry, I’ll be creating a list of “makeover’s” for the months to come so the inner struggle won’t be so lengthy.

Anyway, I wanted to do something with minimal costs or interferences with my relationship with my boyfriend. I realized that since my mom knows a lot about the New Age movement I wouldn’t have to do too much time consuming research and also the costs would be minimal.

I will be updating on my planning process and don’t have a date for when it starts yet; it should be relatively soon!

I want to make this incredibly organized so bear with me while I attempt to be that (maybe I should try to be organized for a month…).

Also, if you don’t know what exactly New Age is or didn’t know it was a personality/lifestyle then I suggest you click this nice little wiki link to find out.

I’ll be posting more soon, and thanks for still caring about my blog after the long wait!

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