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Girly Girl: the aftermath

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Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to put this up! I’m a full time student and I have a job too.

I decided it would be a good idea to take a break from this blog to avoid finals interfering with my personality type.

I’ve learned a lot about what to do next time.

  1. Have set goals to reach
  2. Have an organized strategy for how to reach those goals
  3. Do research on the subject I’ll be
  4. Set up how everything is meant to be beforehand
  5. Make posts more organized and less lengthy

When it comes to being girly I think the best way to simply describe it is that it’s like junk food: it’s great to indulge at first but later on it makes you feel like crap

I think I learned a lot about letting go of my pretentiousness and liking things I genuinely like. For instance, I can unflinchingly say I enjoy watching Tool Academy, though I can also unflinchingly say I hate Fashion Police.

The last night of being girly, I had to stop myself from planning my next outfit in my head. It was great to dress like a normal person but when I went to school I could tell people looked at me differently. Someone even asked me if I was sick!

After a few weeks, it began feeling like a crime to leave all my nice girly clothes in the closet to lie stagnant. Slowly but surely I began to wear modified versions of outfits/makeup from my girly days. Instead of going all out with accessories, foundation, and skimpy jackets, I minimized it to a nice shirt there and a little blush here.

I do wear makeup more often than before, and I even carry around a little makeup bag in my purse (I need to give that back!) but I use it whenever I have time, and it’s usually just some blush, mascara, and eyeshadow.

When I stopped the girly routine I also started a major relapse into internet and gaming addiction. Right now I’m simultaneously writing this blog and playing Pokémon Diamond on DS. I realized that all this routine is something I despise, and my nature is incredibly lazy. If there was nothing to hold me back, I think I would be sitting here playing Pokémon Diamond or surfing the internet forever!

My nails have suffered the most by far in this whole experiment though. They are so brittle from the fake nails! I used to be able to grow them really far out until finally my constant picking at the cuticles would cause a chip. Now they break whenever they feel like it!

I’ll be starting a new experiment sometime in April or May. I want to do so many things but I just can’t decide which one is best! All I know is that it can’t interfere with my relationship with Noah and it can’t be too costly. I already have a gym and tanning membership and my mom buys and cooks organic/free range/vegan/fair trade food so those costs would be covered. I was thinking of being athletic but I feel like my experiments aren’t really delving into anything deep. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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Day 28: Valentine’s Day

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Today I’m going to take a break from my usual girl blogs and dedicate this entry to my dearly beloved Noah.

On January 5th 2008, Noah kissed me for the first time. I was excited but scared, thinking I shouldn’t get into a relationship right after coming out of one. I was sure that it wouldn’t last, that I was making a huge mistake and I would lose him as a friend. But whenever we were together everything felt so right!

On January 8th, 2008, Noah told me he loved me for the very first time. I had been thinking it, but I was too scared and insecure.

February 14th we decided to finally make it official. I was so certain it would end, but it just got better and more amazing every day.

Just holding his hand feels like sliding into a warm bubble bath. We never ever get enough of each other. Even after spending every day together we feel like we haven’t had time to appreciate each other fully if there’s been a busy day.

Noah appreciates me for who I am, he embraces my flaws, loves them in fact. For instance, my overbite that I used to try to cover up, he thinks it’s cute! I wish there was some way to convey to him how much he means to me besides fluffed up sentences and small examples.

The thing that makes me know that he’s the one is that he loves my personality and intelligence far more than my looks. In fact, my body and face mean little to him at all. He tells me almost every day something he loves about me.

Even when I make a fool out of myself, he makes it seem better!

I didn’t have enough money to buy him something special, but this morning he opened the door with his arms piled with all of my favorite treats: potstickers, goat cheese, crackers, chocolates(milk free because I’m lactose intolerant) and a bouquet of roses!

He knows who I am and what I like and can always tell if I’m upset. I had a tendency to not talk about things that bothered me because I always assumed I was wrong, but his intuition brought my problems forward whether I felt like talking about them or not. I was forced to be completely honest with him and myself and it feels so amazing to know that honesty is so welcome!

Noah is a great man, his love, his kindness, his deep consideration, and his assertiveness have pushed me to become a person who believes in herself to go forward with her ideas and without him I would have never done this experiment!

My ideas and inspirations are welcomed and encouraged, he makes me feel like a smart person, a creative person, a good person. Without him I imagine that I would be going to college, jumping through the hoops, going through the motions, with no aim or passion.

Our intimacy and trust knows no bounds, and I will never have such a connection with any other.

Noah, I love you so much! Adocleo, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Experiment #1: The Girly Girl

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Who I am

Girly Aspects of my life:
I have one set of makeup: Bare Minerals. This is a pack of the basics needed for makeup. I have one pack of cheap blue eyeshadow I got for Halloween but that’s as colorful as my makeup gets. I wear it when I’m going out to party or hang out with friends or just when I feel like it.

I rarely shave my legs, and I occasionally forget to shave my armpits. I’m not a very clean person honestly, I have a messy room and personal hygiene is a somewhat lower priority. This is one of my shameful characteristics, but whenever I do have a clean room I can’t figure out where
anything is!

I like to dress with class, though I don’t put nearly as much effort into it as other girls. I usually wear the same jacket for 3 seasons, so what I wear under it is usually not seen. I have 2 pairs of shoes I wear regularly; one I got for $10 at Walmart in the Men’s Dept. and another pair of running shoes I got at Ross. I have some formal heels I rarely wear and don’t fit.

I’m incredibly vulgar, belch loudly in informal settings and love checking out other girls. I could care less about other men, girls are more fun to look at because they have so much variety. I love to go online to websites like collegehumor and cracked.com, on Collegehumor I like to look at the picture galleries of girls, and random funny stuff. Cracked.com has articles that are funny and slightly informative like “The Six Most Bizarre Global Warming Effects” I also frequent Digg.com which contains random links that people collectively “dug”.

I would much rather be one of the guys than one of the girls. I have a fear of women because in past friendships there have been issues with jealousy and I’m scared of having to deal with that again. I do have girlfriends though, but I never go out with them I just see them at school.

Overall, I would say I have some girly tendecies but I honestly I relate more to men in social situations.

This, surprisingly is the first experiment proposed by my beloved boyfriend. I’ve always considered myself manly at heart. My childhood was spent with extremely fashionably inclined twin stepsisters though so I still know how to look good but I tend to keep the clothing inventory at a minimum.

The Plan

Since this is my first experiment, I thought girly girl would be easier than most transitions. I talked to some people and
Anyway, I understand that “girly girl” is a broad category so I’ll list what this will require for me:

  • Dressing with accessories
  • Going to the mall at least every other week
  • Buying uncomfortable clothing and shoes (no more $10 Walmart shoes from the Men’s Dept!)
  • Going tanning regularly
  • Gaining more knowledge of fashion do’s and don’ts
  • Surrounding myself with “girlfriends”
    Waking up extra early to do my makeup and style my hair
    Showering every night
  • Working out for the sole purpose of looking more attractive
  • Not laughing or joining in conversations about these topics: gore, sex (unless it involves making love), bodily functions, controlling and/or high maintenance girls, checking out girls, “would you hit that” conversations, philosophical debates, politics, or anything that might make someone uncomfortable. (This will be incredibly hard for me to do but will help me with rule #7 since all my guy friends will be alienated)
  • Join in or contribute to conversations about: fashion, celebrities, guys, love, marriage, children, relationships
  • Give hugs to everyone, act peppy, smile
  • Plan out outfits one day in advance
  • Always squat over toilets or use toilet seat covers
  • Look at my reflection as often as possible, when going to the bathroom primp for at least 30 seconds
  • Go to Starbucks when I need coffee make sure its always iced, non fat, and soy
  • STOP going on the internet looking at random crap! I am now banning: cracked.com, collegehumor, digg, youtube, listverse, 2leep
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