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When I decided on my weekly schedule for my blog I didn’t consider that I would be having a 2 day break from 1 day of exercise. I felt a little let down from this but I want to stick with the plan and I made the days Friday and Saturday for a reason. I have to admit to you guys: I have friends. Now that school is out I have the time to hang out with friends and party. While I’m inherently an introvert I still enjoy a party every once in a while and if I am required to go to bed at 9 pm every night then I won’t have any friends by the time this experiment is over.


I already suck enough at keeping friends and it’s a blessing that Noah is good at having long term friends so I can tag along. I highly doubt people I know have a problem with me, I just never go out of my way to hang out because I’m scared of calling people. Anyway, what I’m saying is my break days are also potential party/hang out with friends days (which is vital for college graduates on summer vacation). It may be a good idea to have a break day every week for such a constricting personality so that I don’t lose touch with my friends.


These past few days have been pretty hard even though I haven’t been doing much in terms of my experiment, I’m thinking of just tacking on another 2 days because too much crap has happened. On Friday I went to a few parties and today my grandmother died. She was only 59. I’m pretty messed up, I think I’ll still work out tomorrow, it may help me feel happier, I don’t know, but I feel…lost right now.


I was supposed to make a meal plan for the next week but right when I got to my house the morning after the party I had to go to the hospital to say goodbye to grandma. Perhaps after Father’s day I’ll start this up again, I’m not gonna quit, but I didn’t get to commit to this, too much has happened and I don’t want to do it under these conditions. I think I’ll keep jogging, which I need to keep jogging for the mini-marathon I committed to, but the scheduled regiment, the meal plan, I don’t have the drive, the will, and I just need to be myself right now.


I don’t know, and I don’t think I should even post this, my brain isn’t in the right place, I’m sitting here alone in a dark room remembering the past events and I can’t imagine pushing myself this hard right now. Well, I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow, I might be back, I might not. I don’t plan on quitting altogether, I just don’t know if I should do this right now…or if I can.

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