Why I did this

I’ve never really fit in a specific genre of people. Even in high school I seemed to alternate crowds I hung out with (popular kids, then nerds, etc.). I liked this about myself, but after being around some people that seemed to need to label me in some category I began to wonder what the benefits of fitting so completely in one label were.

There must be a benefit, right? I mean, if there wasn’t one, then it wouldn’t exist! I wanted to see what it would be like to be like that, to be someone that knew exactly who they were.

I hope to learn about myself along with other people, to make new friends, and to learn to open my mind to new ways of thinking. I expect this experiment to make me a better, smarter person in many different ways.

In a way the fact I’m doing this shows I still have a lot to learn about where I fit in, if I really belong anywhere, and if its a good or bad thing to not fit in a niche.

I hope that you will take something new from this, that you will learn about these personality types and how they are never exactly what they seem, even when I perpetuate their stereotypes.

So far, this has been an incredible learning experience and made me a much more open person. I am so grateful to all who have helped me and read my blog.

Honestly, this experiment is the first time I’ve blogged and the first time I’ve tried anything like this.  It’s been an interesting an enlightening journey though, this blog is my baby.

If you have any advice please feel free to tell me, I’m still getting the hang of things, and really want to make this blog the absolute best it can be!
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I think it is a really cool idea!
It’s a great way to discover yourself too.. will check back to see how your personalities are going along lol

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