Day 3: SORE

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I woke up at 8:30 this morning very reluctant for the undoubtedly rigorous workout Noah and I would be doing at 9. Herman, the army friend, decided to do calisthenics instead of aerobics this morning on us and it would have been rigorous if I were able to do more than 2 pushups. It was somewhat humiliating and very frustrating to attempt to do what used to be easy no-brainer workouts when I was a child. I couldn’t do one chin up, I could only do half a crunch, and I couldn’t complete a full push up. There were some other workouts we did that were much harder, and obviously those were complete failures.


It’s hard to stand, sit, walk, or really do anything. There are places that are sore that I didn’t know had any muscles on! I walk like an old arthritic man because it hurts, people who see it must think there’s something wrong with me! I decided the workout would be it for the day since my throat has felt incredibly raw from panting so much the morning before. God I am weak! The other night I was reading in a fitness book about resting heart rate, BMI etc etc. I tested myself with the heart rate, blood pressure, and BMI and I’m extraordinarily healthy in those areas.


I thought to myself “Gosh! I’m at a great genetic advantage, how lucky!” but yet one jog makes me have a sore throat all day, weight training makes me brittle as an octogenarian, and I can’t even do one chin-up! I was all excited about yesterday thinking “hell yeah! I can totally do this!” and now it’s hard just to adjust myself while laying in bed typing this.


So last night Noah and I stopped at the grocery store and bought some eggs (there was only 1 egg left) and some bread (since I seemed to never be getting enough carbs). When we got to his house his mom had just bought eggs as well! So now we have 30 eggs in the fridge…and there’s no way I’m making quiche anytime soon! Pretty much what I’m saying is for breakfast I’m going to eat Broccoli and cheese Egg Scramble until we go back to having a reasonable amount of eggs. ALSO, to get more carbs in my diet, I’m going to put half a potato in with the eggs. I tried it this morning with Noah; (who hadn’t tried the dish before) he took one bite and exclaimed in admiration how great the dish was (sorry Noah if the admiration part wasn’t what you exclaimed, but too late it’s already published!), it’s definitely a dish that’s perfect for breakfast.

Noah reminded me that breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day so he loaded me with 2 slices of toast and his favorite dish from his pre-Corrina days of regular exercise and eating simply: canned tuna and rice. I admit it’s pretty nutritional and not disgusting (though having tuna breath the whole day isn’t desirable) and before I began the experiment he insisted I don’t worry so much about the food aspect of this experiment. I agree that I’m putting a lot of emphasis on the food aspect but in general I think the blog benefits from the foodiness! I don’t know, I like the idea of having recipes on my blog that relate to a personality, and I hope it appeals to the hordes of foodie blog readers out there.

Though right now this dish does seem more interesting than scrambled eggs


I do wonder if I’m worrying too much about food though. I can’t seem to get enough carbs or calories for the day, and it’s a bit troubling. Today I took in 1,924 calories so I was really proud, but I took in too much fat and cholesterol and again, not enough carbs. It’s this damn quiche! I still have lots of it and I won’t make another dish until we’ve eaten all or most of it! It was definitely a mistake to make 9 servings of quiche for at best 4 people but most likely 1.5 (Noah will always veer towards his mom’s cooking over mine). I would say next time I won’t make the same mistake but next time I’m making a dish that requires red cabbage and I have a whole red cabbage to get rid of.

Whenever I see this chart I can’t help but imagine I’m 50 pounds fatter than I’ve ever been.

Taken from my calorie count profile


By the way, I’m not too worried about the cholesterol intake, the cholesterol comes from eggs which are proven to have minimal affect on heart disease and are very healthy to eat. So in a sense, the chart is wrong about my cholesterol levels… at least in the sense that it’s not as FRIGHTENING as it looks, I just have to keep reassuring myself of that…


So that’s pretty much it for the day. Oh, I’ve noticed that I’m already starting to poop better (when you get a lot of exercise you tend to have more satisfying regular bowel movements), which is a really big deal for me. I’m going to assume you don’t want to know the back story and leave it at that.




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