Day 26: Raw

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Today was a special day: a release event for a magazine which featured my drawings! It was a school magazine, and the committee accepting submissions had been extra harsh this year, so I felt privileged to get in! The release event was held at the school and there was free catered food. Unfortunately I could only enjoy the asparagus, bread, pita crackers, and hummus L

Meanwhile, Noah’s plate was piled with a burger some delicious looking asparagus dip. Some sort of ravioli, and various other goodies.


Little did I know I was in for a delicious treat. The New Age bookstore I frequented was having raw foodist Jennifer Cornbleet come in and promote her new book “Raw for Dessert“. During the event she made upside down berry cake within 10 minutes and it was DELICIOUS! I decided my mom would really appreciate the book as an early birthday gift and so I got it. I’m really looking forward to making some recipes as they are not only incredibly healthy but automatically gluten, wheat, and dairy free. They also aren’t artificially sweetened with sugar! But the BIG kicker is that they are SO EASY TO MAKE!! The ingredients are minimal and the process almost always simply requires a blender or food processor. None of the science behind baking but way more of the healthful benefits!


I’m honestly shocked this diet isn’t more popular! I’ve met a few people who did it for a while, but I never heard them mention anything special or beneficial! Not to say I’m a total convert now, but I definitely want to try to have more raw foods in my diet. They sound super healthy and most importantly EASY! I wish I went raw for this experiment, but I know I would have DIED if that happened (figuratively, of course!).

Things seem to be going downhill for me lately though… I’ve been feeling really stagnant and depressed. I don’t know how much of it has to do with this experiment or maybe the fact I’m going through finals and my brain function has been at an all time low. My motivation is rapidly declining, and I’m beginning to take more naps and want to spend time alone. I wish I knew where this stemmed from, and why it’s happening now. I’ve got a few theories:

  • A multitude of obligations are piling up on me and I feel guilty for not making the needed phone calls to get them done
  • Being someone I’m not is making me depressed and lost
  • Eating large amounts of soy which has been correlated with some ADD symptoms has deteriorated my concentration and thus made me depressed
  • My perfectionism regarding this blog and the fact I’m not meeting my personal standards is wearing on me
  • The fact that I’m graduating soon and my life is amount to change dramatically
  • The fact I’m beginning to get psoriasis from all the stress of the above and knowing a spiral of me being stressed then stressing about being stressed because of psoriasis etc. (a post on my psoriasis predicament)


Somehow I must press on, and continue this experiment until it’s over (which is very soon!) but I feel like more and more of a failure and it’s killing me! Also, I’m having less and less to do, and no time to set up something. It doesn’t help that finals are coming at me full swing, I wish I could have done a better job, it feels like an insult to all New Agers out there to not fully represent who they are and that’s the first thing I DON’T want to happen in this whole experiment.


But I will press on, and this is only, hopefully a fleeting feeling. Perhaps I just need to take a nice shower and eat some sweets and I’ll feel better tomorrow!


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