Day 24: Clear

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Today Noah and I went to Folklife. It was finally a nice day out and I thought I might find more insight from it the second time.    While I still stand by my theory that it’s meant more for hippies and beatniks I must say there were some vendors that catered to New Agers. There was a vendor that sold healing herbs. I bought some white sage (finally)! There was also a vendor that seemed to very specifically cater to older white women because that was the only kind of people I saw there. They sold colorful New Age looking dresses.


On the way home from Folklife I got excited and decided to burn the sage in the car to clear its energy. I used the cigarette lighter which was really perfect to get the sage to smolder beautifully. I really really wouldn’t suggest burning sage while in a moving vehicle though, not that anything happened but I suspect the parents reading this would appreciate that statement. After I burnt the sage in my car, both Noah and I felt the energy clear it seemed.


I also smudged my room and what I call the “sanctuary” across from my room (a spare bedroom currently having multiple uses as a greenhouse a bedroom and an office). I have to admit, burning sage is super fun! I want to do it everywhere, and I want to do a lot. I love the smell and the feeling I get from clearing the room and also think I have an inner pyro that is dying to emerge. I left the burnt sage in my room and after a little while my room seemed to smell strangely of beef jerky…so I suggest you store or throw away the burnt sage.

If you wanna learn how to smudge your house then click here.
We kind of improvised a lot of it though, I made sure to start in the East direction and start at the bottom. Noah decided to play his djembe during the smudging and I think it set the mood quite nicely! It seemed to heighten the importance of this.

Even if this ritual doesn’t do crap regarding clearing energies it’s really nice to have a ritual to clear the energy. After all, there is a certain feeling one gets in a specific area after associating it with one activity or mood. When I had terrible insomnia my doctor told me to only use my bedroom for sleep so I could associate my bedroom with being tired and sleeping and nothing else. Associations are a very powerful thing, and I’ve always wished there was some way to clear a room of any associations so that I can restart with more motivation and energy.



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