Day 23: Religion

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This morning I went to church again. The feeling of discomfort has faded quite a bit since the first time I came. I’m glad to be in this environment now; I don’t dread it or fear it! The reverend spoke an amazing sermon today too. She referenced the book “How God Changes your Brain” and seemed to have brought out the most important points of the book. I wish I had taken notes, it was so insightful!

My scatterbraindedness is beginning to infuriate me. I feel like a complete slave to my own whims and wants. I’m excited to be done with this experiment and hopefully regain some remnant of my more concentrated self. It is beginning to seem incredibly detrimental to my well-being and to this experiment in general. It seemed that I was similar to this during Girly; my time was coming to an end and I was beginning to slack a little with the tension being so high at the beginning. The difference is that when I Was girly I hated it but I haven’t particularly hated it this time around. This time it’s just that I’ve allowed myself to become lazy.


The Reverend was talking about how meditation can help concentration and memory issues though and I began to perk up (I was distractedly picking my nails beforehand). She spoke of a meditation technique the author (a neuroscientist) prescribed to one of his patients. It was called “Kirtan Kriya” and took only 12 minutes a day. The patient prescribed this showed vast improvement in only 8 weeks! I really want to try it out, it sounds amazing! Hopefully my expectations won’t ruin the moment for me though.


Speaking of expectations, I made vegan happy cookies for snacks with the expectation that everyone would be incredibly impressed. I soon realized I could have baked the most amazing cookies in the world but if they were labeled “Vegan” few people would be willing to try them. They were the last dish to go (even a heaping bowl of watermelon went before the cookies!). But I suppose I’m being too paranoid because they did run out after all. Plus, everyone who’s tried them to my face loved them, and the kids who were at the church seemed to gobble them up too!


Anyway, Noah finally got back from camping and I was too excited to see him and spend time together to worry about much else. Just goes to show how strong the power of love can be!


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