My Take on Chatroulette

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Chatroulette is completely reliant on one’s own personal luck. Some people just get dick after masturbating dick while others get actual people quite frequently.


I’m one of those lucky people. In fact, the first time I got on Chatroulette it took me 45 minutes of nexting to see an actual penis!


While I admit there is a majority of people who when I try to talk to them just ask to see my boobs, the really awesome people I meet on there make the whole thing worthwhile.


I’ve met some really great people. Some that if I lived any closer to I would have gladly hung out with them. People who aren’t sketchy in any way; an older man with a family, an awesome girl from Canada, a Russian living in Manhattan, a prankster living in Iceland, even a 90’s child star! Some of these people I could joke around with for hours, and some I had the most interesting conversations with.


There are always going to be creeps and pranksters on the internet, but through my adventures I’ve found that there will always be really great people there too. And those people are worth it, those people will enrich your life because they are likely people you would have never gotten to know in real life, people who you may have walked by on the street but would never stop and talk to.


Have you ever seen someone standing in line waiting for coffee in front of you and asked yourself: “could he/she become my best friend?” Neither have I. But on places like you can meet complete strangers that share your same quirky affinity towards capybaras (btw, if you have a love for capybaras then we need to talk).


So some time when you’re not queasy, working, in a public place, or in the presence of children (or easily disturbed adults for that matter), go on Chatroulette, test your luck, it should be immediate within a few “Next”‘s what your luck is, and hopefully you’ll meet someone great.


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