Day 22: Resurrection

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Today was a big day. It was the day I planned this experiment around so that I could do it. Today was Folklife! Folklife is a festival full of music, vendors, hippies and the like. It is a place where you can dress like a crazy person and get “free hugs” from people.


I thought it would be perfect for my experiment, but as I walked through the hordes of people I began to realize it was more for hippies than New Agers, and there is a difference. You can tell simply by the style of dress: New Age has flowy brightly colored clothes while hippie has more earth tones and focuses more on different types of fabric (I saw hemp, bamboo, and soy fabrics at Folklife). I definitely saw a sea of earth tones and my bright red coat (though heading for an earthy look via filthiness) stuck out like a sore thumb.

Or maybe not…at all


Being so surrounded by these people, these hippies, beatniks, and the like made me feel ashamed. I didn’t fit in. I kept thinking to myself “God, I am so mainstream!” as if I was a Stepford Wife stepping out into the real world.


Still, it made me realize how much love is becoming incorporated into our culture. Love seems to generally be the way to go regarding almost any spirituality, and many people allude to a new movement where society will understand this universal principle. So many teens were walking around with “free hugs” signs it made me understand that this tacky trend was somehow still catching wind.


The whole “free hugs” trend always has irritated me. I usually have a problem with people who attempt to be funny or original by riding the coattails of something that was once funny and original. It’s like hearing someone say “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” and expecting a laugh.


I know it’s probably not these people’s intent to be original but I don’t find it remotely clever or fun to be hugged by a sweaty 15 year old boy. Perhaps I’m just a total douchebag, but the idea of “Free hugs” doesn’t have the feeling of love behind it like Amma.


Perhaps though it’s more fun for the people giving out free hugs than the people seeing them. I bet it’s a lot of fun in fact, I’m sure it gives people a sense of goodness about themselves. I should try doing it someday and then see what I think of it.


Photo credit: pictoscribe


Oh but on the way home I saw 2 birds. I couldn’t tell if they were hawks or large crows even though they were flying pretty low. Thinking back on it I’m leaning toward hawks but I’ll never truly know. It felt like this was a symbol that I wouldn’t be receiving guidance much longer.


Folklife wasn’t really the focal point of my New Age day. It was later that night.


While I was in my workspace trying to catch up on my blogs, I noticed a beetle on the floor. I was sitting in a chair facing the foot of the bed that was in the middle of the room and I usually took to propping my feet up on the foot of the bed. Then later, it was right at the foot of the bed, even closer to me. I flicked it off not wanting a beetle to crawl on me.

Completely different beetle but if that thing were crawling towards me it would have been a different story.

(photo credit: douglasspics)


I was feeling pretty lonely because Noah had gone camping for the weekend so he wasn’t there with me so I decided to get on Facebook and talk to some friends. It was a learning experience. I talked to so many people I hadn’t had an honest conversation with in a while.


One of them was a man I met on Chatroulette. If you want to know more contexts about me friending random strangers from Chatroulette then click here.


Anyway, this guy really had nothing to do with New Age or so I thought. We initially got to talking about old friendships, then the conversation turned towards my experiment and I told him about my eagle/hawk sightings. He suggested the book “Animal Speaks”, which was suggested to me at the bookstore the last time. I asked him what it said about beetles because I had been seeing the one just recently.


He told me the beetle represented “rebirth, resurrection”. That meant a lot to me as I’d been feeling a reconnection with my own identity recently. It was as if there was an acknowledgment that who I really am must emerge and who I really am had been buried under this personality. While we were talking about this, I had moved onto the bed to get more comfortable. To my left was a windowsill and I saw the beetle crawling up on it. The beetle stopped, spread its wings, and flew within inches of my face!


I couldn’t deny it, this was a sign, even if this was a bogus book, and the idea of rebirth was still a sign for me.


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