Strange sightings since New Age

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-Day 5: we were on the freeway heading towards school when we saw a bald eagle swooping out of the road. It was holding an orange cat (Noah tried to say it was a rat, then a rabbit, but we finally had to accept what we had seen 😦



-Day 7: morning we were turning out of my street and in front of us some crows started flying from the left out of the bushes, and then came a large hawk! It was enormous and it seemed really strange that it was in such close proximity to other crows as I thought they generally fought each other when they were in each other’s presence.


Photo Credit:Vidular


-Day 7: we were driving to my house and we saw a shooting star. It actually gave us quite a scare because it was going directly downward, seemingly towards earth. Noah told me not to worry, it didn’t hit Earth because when a comet hits Earth the sky lights up, but it was still really intense.


-Day 9: while driving with mom I saw an eagle flying while on the freeway


-Day 11: while spending time with Noah in the car, he saw an eagle flying over us. I didn’t see it because I was facing the other direction.


-Day 14: Saw 2 hawks flying low over me while driving home. One seemed to fly “with” me for a while.


-Day 16: Noah and I were driving on the freeway when we saw 2 hawks flying low over us




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