Fateful Story

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I went to go shopping at PCC with my mom. On the way back to picking up Noah who I left to do work at school I got a little lost (I do that VERY OFTEN, despite having lived in the area for most of my life) and ended up on the wrong freeway. I had the choice to exit the freeway and take the right one or take back roads. I decided to take a longer route to the school than usual. While driving through the suburbs there was a cute adolescent puppy walking along the road. I stopped and he ran right up to me, he had a collar but no tags. I knocked on the nearest door but the guy who answered said he didn’t know where it came from.


I thought it was absolutely adorable and since I was only 10 minutes or less from the school I decided to pick Noah up first and then try to find the owner. On the way back I began to get really intimidated with all the nearby houses, Noah began to suggest we just take it to the pound. I was hoping for fate to guide us to the correct owner. I finally decided to park at a house and while I was asking the neighbors if they knew of the dog a woman ran out right in front of the car with a very worried look on her face. Noah was still at the car and asked if she was missing her dog. She exclaimed “Yes! Thank you!” and told us her son must have let him out before going to basketball practice. She was searching the house for a while and just ran out to search for Baxter (the dog).


It seemed remarkably fateful that we pulled in at the precise time she ran out to find her dog. I could have not picked up Noah first and went from house to house or I could have checked a completely different area. All of the clumsy detours I made created just enough time for the owner to come out right in front of our car. The timing of that whole situation was perfect.


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