Day 18: Compassion

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This morning I realized I didn’t have any food for school. I made some polenta for the morning and wraps for the day. I wasn’t really into the wraps too much but I highly recommend making polenta some time because it’s really simple and easy. You can find the recipe here, it’s really simple!

Mostly just did homework and worked on the blog today. Here’s a link to something really fateful that happened today but I need to try to make my blogs less intimidatingly lengthy. Even though I seem to work many hours a day on my blog I still manage to lag behind on days! I think it has something to do with how disorganized I’ve been since starting this experiment. This scatter-brainededness must be me embracing the “go with the flow” persona of New Age. Poor Noah, he has to deal with my messiness and self-hatred whenever I feel like I’ve been too much of a slacker. I’ve actually been doing much better at not hating myself for not being perfect at everything.

At 7 or 7:30pm almost every day there is something New Age going on. Take note of that spiritually minded people: if you know of a place that undoubtedly has New Age events at it like a bookstore or a Unitarian church just show up there at 7! Today was a session called “Circle of Compassion”. I could have gone to this or the Dhammakaya meditation. I was in a dilemma: I could go to the Dhammakaya meditation and most likely sit uncomfortably for an hour or I could go to the circle of compassion and with my association of the circle of joy be lectured on one principle over and over again.

I finally decided on circle of compassion and I’m very glad I did. I asked someone in the store where the event was held what seeing a lot of hawks and eagles meant. She directed me to a book called “Animal Speak” but also said from her own personal knowledge it usually meant you were being spiritually guided through a journey. This really struck a chord with me; I don’t know how often I mentioned this feeling of being guided through a journey in my blog (I’m sure I mentioned it at least once) but it’s definitely been an underlying feeling. By the way, I counted and there have been about 5 hawk/eagle sightings since this experiment.

This New Age stuff is really getting to me; I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it anymore! If you were going through these experiences and you were supposed to believe in it would you keep doubting? I mean I would have to be kind of a jerk (and an idiot) to willingly take on this persona and then continue to be a skeptic when things seem to be falling in place exactly where they should.

The circle of Compassion session was not at all what I expected. It was organized by a completely different person. She was some sort of monk…she had the robes similar to a monk and her head was shaved. The group was much more diverse too, which was refreshing. The circle of Joy group consisted completely of middle-aged/elderly white women, and while I don’t have a problem with middle-aged/elderly white women it was nice to have a different perspective from different demographics.

There was a Jamaican, an Indian, some sort of Asian (the monk), a woman from some sort of European country (I detected an accent), and only one white American woman. Of course there were only women, which made me wonder. The thing I liked about it is when we talked about family; there were a lot of really interesting and different perspectives. I felt freer to speak my mind in that kind of environment because if I was out of the ordinary it wouldn’t be that strange.

I’m going to digress just a bit: I cannot tell for the life of me what ethnicities people are! Someone has to be really African, Asian, Indian, or white or else I just can’t discern at all. I guess it’s a good thing. People always ask, “so then what do you think of them if you can’t tell?” I usually either think nothing of it or after a while I’ll think “hmmm… that person looks … ethnic” and that’s as far as it goes.

The session was based around something called the “Charter for Compassion” which was meant to spread compassion throughout the world. Click the link so see what it says; it’s only 4 paragraphs long, so don’t be intimidated!

It was more inviting for people to talk which is what I liked the most. Even though we ran later than we should have I at least didn’t feel rushed or anxious. Everyone else seemed to know each other but I didn’t feel out of place. They were very inviting and I felt welcome in their circle. I could tell there was no conflict in this group, just honest discussion. Most of them had a notebook out to write down new thoughts and ideas. It was a place full of sharing all around and I got a lot of valuable resources from everyone. Here are some websites I got from this group:




Greater Good


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