Day 16: Getting Comfortable

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This morning I went to the Unitarian Church again. I was somewhat dreading it especially because my mom wasn’t going to be there so I was all alone. But when I entered the church and sat down I felt a strange comfort I was unfamiliar with. I remembered the people and how friendly they were before and accepted this was a place to be accepted.


The church seemed more inviting, less intimidating, and I was grateful for it. I enjoyed the singing part of it a lot and felt more comfortable being there. Once again my expectations were not met: while people were really nice they weren’t quite as angelic as I’d portrayed them in my head. It really wasn’t a bad thing (and no one was rude or hostile) it was just my expectations once again bringing me back to reality. The hardest part I think is the mingling after service. This was where I had to overcome my introversion and inherent suspicion the most. Luckily people approached me and talked to me which made things easier when it came to coming out of my shell.


This is really helping me gain a lot of inner confidence which is increasing my spiritual confidence. I have a feeling Unitarian Universalism isn’t really that New Age, but it does open doors to New Age Events and people. Unitarian Universalism was actually founded by a Christian, and it’s obvious when seeing the way service is practiced. There seemed to be a lot of confidence in the regulars, and even in Christians I see a similar kind of confidence. Does being surrounded by a group of accepting and supportive people affect your confidence or is it that the kind of people who enjoy church tend to have more confidence? I’ll do some research on that and see if it’s true.

UU chalice symbol

I FORGOT: Noah and I saw two hawks flying low over us today!

I was pretty preoccupied today other than church but I did go to an AMAZING diamond in the rough Vietnamese Pho restaurant and got some delicious tofu vermicelli! Seriously, just look at it, and its CHEAP TOO ($8)! This is one of those foods that would easily make me obese despite the fact its low fat; I would just keep waiting for my stomach to digest just enough to eat some more. I would go here for $20 extra; this dish is so amazing it’s a spiritual experience! I found a link to a recipe that looks like they’ve got a similar enough dish, I suggest you check it out here, I know I will!



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Omg vermicelli noodle bowls are the best. I d think about selling a left pinky toe for one right now. They are on my list of the best things in life. I think its the sauce that usually comes with it. Its like you can taste the love and so completely satisfying.

I KNOW! It’s one of those foods you could write a love song about!

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