Day 10 and 11: Stress, Stress, and PMS

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Day 10

Today has been very unrelated to my experiment. I worked on transferring my blog over. WordPress is a lot more complicated and versatile than Blogger so I had to manage a lot of details to make sure my blog was ideal. I’ll continue to edit it until I finally have it exactly how I have wanted it for a while. Thank you for dealing with it for now. I have one layout in mind but the color scheme is too depressing so I’ve been trying to change the CSS. Considering the fact I just recently dropped my HTML/CSS class because it was too hard, I think I’ve been doing pretty damn good, but it will be a long process.


This week will have little to do with New Age as I’ll be too busy to do anything. Tomorrow I have a dress rehearsal for a play, the next two days after that will be performance. Friday will be a school dance, and Saturday-Monday I’ll be in Vegas. Did I mention I’m going to Vegas? Yeah I know, not very New Age but I was invited before I did this and Noah and I were exclusively invited by a friend. The tickets and cab fare are covered so pretty much it would be terribly stupid to not go. I’m thinking of adding on an extra 5 days to this month to make up for this business. If you think that’s a good/bad idea, talk to me about it on the comments.


In the car I’ve been listening to tapes of “The Secret”. I’ve seen the movie but I’m glad I’m hearing it again because I like to be reminded of its power.


Noah and I went to PCC and finally got some crystal deodorant. It’s been a long week not using any deodorant (the carcinogen-laden stuff I was using was unacceptable for this). I just did some research on this stuff (wiki actually didn’t help me this time) and found out some of the crystal deodorants are bad: the ones that have synthetic salts (ammonium alum) in them are bad but the natural salts (potassium alum) are good. I have the good stuff!! Yay!


The big downside to this stuff is that it insists I must apply it to clean skin. So I have to shower every morning or wipe my armpits with a rag before applying this? I actually got this deodorant a few years back. I remember being completely put off by that direction and I stopped using it after a few days. When it took it out it had dissolved into little cubes of crystal and needless to say was unusable.


Later that night I made some Thai veggie potstickers. They were delicious! They didn’t come with a sauce but I suggest using chili sauce (for spring rolls), it’s amazing!




Day 11


This morning I made Tofurky beer brats. There are 27 grams of protein in one brat (and 13 grams of fat…but ½ as much as a real brat)! I liked Tofurky more than I expected. It isn’t meat but I kinda like that about it. I’m not really big on meat anyway; I can appreciate when meat compliments a good recipe or when it is delicious (like actual beer brats on a campfire) but in general it doesn’t really appeal to me. Stir fry, anything to do with pan-fried veggies sounds delicious.



I’ve found a great sanctuary at home. The spare room is a great place to isolate myself, listen to some New Age music, and light a Nag Champa. I think I’ll continue to listen to New Age music when it comes to working; it’s peaceful and usually there’s no English lyrics. I love that because I don’t have to concentrate on the music at all while working. I usually play music to tune out the rest of the world, not because I need something else distracting me.


Oh guess what Noah saw today? An eagle flying over both of us! I was facing the other direction so I didn’t see it but still, that’s the fourth sighting!!


Today was incredibly stressful! I have to be in a play tomorrow and rehearsals went terribly (at least in my honest opinion). There seems to be too much stupid crap going on right now and I’m really really sick of it. On top of it all I’m PMSing! Girls, please tell me this happens to you too: whenever I’m PMSing everyone seems to be trying to get me more pissed than I can handle. Remarkably I haven’t blown up yet though I’ve definitely not been centered and have been unable to center myself.


When I got home tonight I wasn’t tolerable of anyone or anything. Poor Noah, he is so kind but he takes the brunt of all my frustrations.




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