Day 9: Church

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This morning I went to a Unitarian Church. My mom goes and I’ve been there before. I felt it was uncomfortably churchy… but it’s a church so what was I expecting?? But honestly, it was a little weird for my tastes. There were sermons, a choir, and singing and such a strong sense of community that it made me uncomfortable.


I have to admit that it seems like a great place where people can feel like they’re part of a community that takes them in with open arms. There was quite a variety of people and they were all very nice. During one of the sermons (is that the correct terminology for this?) many people in the room were brought to tears, it was a very powerful experience, and I realized that in this kind of environment no one would judge you if you cried. I plan to keep coming, and overcome my fear of being open with complete strangers.


There’s just this cheese factor that throws me off I guess, I feel like such a jerk though. I mean they are genuinely nice people, why should I feel uncomfortable? I really want to learn more about it and see if it makes me feel more spiritual. Hopefully I can push past that feeling of suspicion; if I can then I imagine my new self to be more secure in my own skin around strangers. That would be a great feeling!

The church program

Later that day I celebrated Mother’s day with my wonderful mother, who has been supporting me with this project and encouraging me to continue (mom, you are the best!). We had Indian food (again!) and I realized a lot of the awesomeness of Indian food has to do with the fact they ingeniously put yoghurt in their dishes. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t allow for any type of dairy in my diet, and while it was still delicious, that previous wonder I had for awesome Indian food had somewhat faded.


Well, I’ve always truly loved Asian food anyway, which is also more vegan-friendly as they rarely use milk or cheese.


We stopped at the expensive New Age shop again, this time mom was with me and we exchanged gifts. There are so many awesome things here; it’s just so unfortunate to see how expensive they are. Mom got me a cool New Age bag to replace my ugly leather purse and some ayurvedic soap that was strangely only $1.50.

The bag is amazingly light compared to my old purse; I’ll probably use it after this experiment. I have yet to use the soap; I’ll probably use it for Day 10. I don’t think I’ll like the soap, though it smells like India, I just have serious doubts because it was so incredibly cheap compared to every other product at the store. You know they were selling Nag Champa powder for $8?? It’s supposed to be burned and helps you become spiritually awakened. It was interesting because this little tiny baggie of loose powder compared to a box of Nag Champa incense that was sold for only $5 seemed so much less efficient.


Oh and guess what I saw today while in the car with mom? An eagle soaring above us; that’s the third hawk sighting!


During the teepee yesterday, someone mentioned what he called the “Simion” book (Later I found out it was called “Keys to Soul Evolution” and “Simion” are a collective of light beings here to guide humans). He said he asked a question to it and opened it and he would receive cryptic but relevant responses. I found out that I had this book at my house and decided to try it out. I asked “Will my blog be successful?” and the reply was about the great and infinite potential humans have. So this means I have a lot of potential? I was pretty disappointed with that revelation, and felt that it said a whole lot of nothing.


Maybe I’m just doing it wrong? I found out from my mom it wasn’t a tradition stated within the book itself, it was one that was formed elsewhere independently.


I also finally got around to reading Eckhart Tolle (“A new Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”). His stuff is incredible! I am very skeptical of abstract concepts, and his book began with the concept that flowers, birds, crystals, and precious stones held a lot of significance because contemplating them would open one into the realm of the spirit. It seemed a little much to me, a little…”wtf” I guess would be the best way I could explain how I felt about it at first.


But soon enough the concepts began to come together to a fundamental idea of “awakening”. Here I realized that Eckhart Tolle had really done his research. He cited many religions and their similar concepts of “awakening”, from “salvation” to “enlightenment”. He said we were suffering from “dysfunction” which was the cause of all the destruction we caused upon ourselves and the planet. If we did not become awakened soon, then it would be our failure to adapt and we would all die.


This really struck a chord with me. The concept made perfect sense. Still, a lot of it seemed to be more from psychology than spirituality, and that whole new idea made me wonder if this “awakening” could be done without seeking spiritual guidance.

Could someone seek to better themselves strategically in such a way that made them eternally happy? A lot of spirituality seems closely related to psychology, so why wouldn’t it be possible for a psychologically minded person to find eternal happiness, or maybe something different but akin to the same concept of awakening. Perhaps I’m confusing awakening with supreme wisdom, I don’t know if I truly understand the concept yet, so I should just ponder it after I’ve read it more.


The way Eckhart Tolle speaks of his teachings makes me wonder if Texe Marrs (author of “Dark Secrets of the New Age”) was on to something when they said the New Age movement is trying to dominate the world. Of course, I don’t think the intentions are malicious, and Marrs acts as if that were something terrible and unheard of (despite Christian attempts to convert any and every country they can).


What if there will be a movement, a divide not between Christians and New Agers, but Atheists and New Agers. What if society begins to devalue spirituality and value only what has been proven through studies and experiments? What if society begins to value the benefits of multiple spiritualities, recognizing that no one religion is meant to be the only right way.


It always seemed to me that culture has leaned toward Atheism and further away from religion. But now that I’ve done this experiment, I see spiritually minded people absolutely everywhere! Spirituality never seemed necessary to me before this, but I can see at some points it’s vital to explore one’s spirituality. It’s a journey that takes a lot of balls to be honest. To sit there and read something you know sounds ridiculous, to wear clothes you know make you feel good but are seen by others are tasteless, to practice exercises that put you in very unflattering or silly positions.


It takes some guts to be that open to new things, and I honestly must applaud New Age men for being so much stronger than the typical man. You are so ignored in this genre, so much so that when I was at the New Age store with my mom there was a bookshelf that was divided in halves: Women and Men. The men’s side was on the left, and there were 8 books that filled this section (the rest of the bookshelf was filled with books about women)! A man exploring his spirituality should be revered more than a woman in my opinion.


Whenever a man does something that has the potential to emasculate him in front of his “manlier” peers and he doesn’t care, that to me is true confidence. When a woman does it, it of course is respected, but it doesn’t put them in a position as it does for men. What’s interesting is how traditional that dynamic is; women are more emotionally in tune and thus wouldn’t be judged if they chose a spiritual path to self betterment while men are expected to be skeptical and objective.


Not to say that I honestly expect these things of either. I myself am more like a man at heart while Noah seems to have a much easier time becoming spiritually in tune. The dynamics still exist though, despite many of us knowing that they aren’t needed.


Anyway, later that night since it was Sunday I realized I needed food to tide me over for school on Monday. I decided to make my favorite dish: stir fry!! Not to toot my own horn, but honestly, I make phenomenal stir fry. Just look at it! I’m going to jump on the foodie blog bandwagon for a second:


Corrina’s Delicious Stir Fry Recipe



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Read through your blog. Interesting. One question out of curiousity Do you really believe the statement you made: “despite Christian attempts to convert any and every country they can”?

I agree that Christians want to share the Gospel message around the globe, but found this an odd way to state it…

“Thank you for your comment Marty. I made the statement about “converting countries” because I am of the belief that every culture has their religions, beliefs, and values for a good reason and our own beliefs may become destructive when they are put on others’ from different backgrounds.

When I hear that Christians try to share the gospel around the globe, I don’t think it is quite as innocent as that: do they not have an agenda behind all this missionary work?

Perhaps I am mistaken about the intent behind their work, but I do not believe Christian missionaries and organizations intend only to share a message.
Even if my statement said “sharing the gospel” instead of “trying to convert”, the point would still remain the same: I never hear of New Age people knocking on anyone’s door trying to spread the word of spirituality.

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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