Friend’s Eerie Ghost Story

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“I woke up with a person lying next to me. I was not dreaming, but I also did not have my eyes open when I saw the face in my Mind’s Eye…
She was greenish in color and her face was threatening–or at least emotionally fatigued. She was a corpsey shell of character, and I knew that she was right there with me.

The chill forced my eyes open. I switched the lights on and there was a void where I had felt something close.

I have always been of an open (enough) mind that I felt I knew there was a spirit present and I was freaked out. I asked for whatever was in the room to leave, and waited until I was comfortable enough to turn the lights back off and lie down for sleep.

The next night I had decidedly avoided my own bed! Instead I slept on the couch downstairs and it still happened again. I rolled over and to my left was the same face, only this time, it seemed, more starved for attention. I felt a gGiant chill on the nape of my neck and just at that moment the burglar alarm went off. LOUD. I jumped up and fixed the alarm on my way to check to see if the clocks had gone out or were blinking from the power surge. They had not changed a bit. it was 3:30am.

The burglar alarm for my house was not armed. I was sleeping downstairs right in front of a motion sensor that would have tripped the alarm had I set the code.

I provoked the spirit a little later, in the effort of denying it entry to the house. I was watching TV, and at the moment I said something, the screen got all pixelated– as if somebody was pressing down on the screen. The burglar alarm went off right at that moment.

The next day, when I came home in the evening, I was exhausted from playing ball all day, and was in somewhat of a lighter, more forgiving mood. I decided that, this night, if anything happens, I will accept it with an open heart and open mind. I also had the feeling that the spirit was only starved of love anyways.

Nothing happened


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