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Experiment #2: New Age

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New Age and Me

I chose New Age because my mom could relate to many of the practices, meaning I wouldn’t have to spend too much money on it and since I am a poor college student, that worked out nicely for me.

Personally though, I find New Age to be somewhat annoying. I feel as if it’s a place where people choose to believe whatever they want to believe, while I choose to be more grounded in reality. Still, I admit that I do have many spiritual beliefs, and I honestly feel that spirituality and science will eventually combine. I think there are aspects of spirituality that have truth. I just believe that studies will eventually prove them.

I have a scientific mind, but it’s still open to new and exciting things.

I respect their practices for self-betterment though and have always tried to improve my own personality but not through spirituality.

Doing more research on this has made me respect the subculture much more because it seems that
many of these people are laid back and open minded; two virtues I value. Also, I strongly believe in the “placebo effect” to help with a lot of problems today and though I may not believe that some holistic medical practices work I do value their use on people who believe in them.

I’m looking forward to opening my mind and forgetting about how “cheesy” things are. The more I immerse myself into this culture, the more excited I am for how it will change me for the better. This will be much easier than Girly Girl, which required a relentless and painful routine based completely on my outer appearance.

What’s Going to Happen?

I think I will embrace the free flowing, laid back attitude of New Age and not try for structure. I will schedule events to attend and regular practices like meditation but I will not plan my outfits ahead of time and I will not force when and where I am going to adopt a certain belief. I expect to meet a lot of different people through the course of this experiment and in doing so I will be lead into different practices as they come to me.

Here’s what I’ll be doing for sure:

  • Never “talking shit” about people: show understanding and tolerance of others
  • Become a vegan
  • Eat healthy!!
  • Avoid technology whenever possible (only computer for work and school, NO TV OR GAMING)
  • in my spare time read Eckhart Tolle and other books related to spirituality
  • Regularly do yoga and meditate
  • frequent places that New Age people go to (instead of spending all my time at school, leave as soon as I can)
  • Surround myself with people who identify as New Age or practice a branch of spirituality that applies to the culture
  • Always maintain an open mind
  • Try to have sustainable practices
  • Dress in “New Age” clothes (loose, flowy, colorful, or earthy)

There are a few things I want to try once or twice over the course of this month:

  • Astral travel
  • Hold a Séance
  • Do tarot card reading
  • Crystal Healing
  • Homeopathy (if I ever feel sick)
  • Acupuncture

This list will probably be modified once I surround myself with New Age people.

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It’s Official: New Age!

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Ok guys, I know it’s been a big wait, and I’m sorry! I had to take a break for finals and since I’m getting credits for this quarter I waited for the quarter to start. Don’t worry, I’ll be creating a list of “makeover’s” for the months to come so the inner struggle won’t be so lengthy.

Anyway, I wanted to do something with minimal costs or interferences with my relationship with my boyfriend. I realized that since my mom knows a lot about the New Age movement I wouldn’t have to do too much time consuming research and also the costs would be minimal.

I will be updating on my planning process and don’t have a date for when it starts yet; it should be relatively soon!

I want to make this incredibly organized so bear with me while I attempt to be that (maybe I should try to be organized for a month…).

Also, if you don’t know what exactly New Age is or didn’t know it was a personality/lifestyle then I suggest you click this nice little wiki link to find out.

I’ll be posting more soon, and thanks for still caring about my blog after the long wait!

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