Day 30: The Last Day!!

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Today I woke up at 6:30. I planned on giving this last day my all, but my raging hormones seemed to hold that back (PMS is a bitch).

Come hither…?

I felt kinda down the whole day, and when I got home at 5:30 I took a nap until 8. I wanted to end this last day with a bang, but my biggest bang I got was spilling nail polish remover all over my laptop (hence the delayed post).

Removing my nails was a huge bitch; the toilet paper I was using kept rubbing into flakes and whenever I tried to tip some remover into the tissue I would miss and spill everywhere. Plus, I finally got so see just how bad of a job that manicurist had done on my nails.

My nails were misshapen and had unsightly grooves and craters. Not only that, but the nail polish didn’t like coming off of these said grooves making my nails have red grooves and craters. I was very tempted to get acrylics all over again!

At least no one can see how bad they really look!

It was strange to know that I didn’t have to plan an outfit for the next day, I was happy, but not as happy as I would have liked to feel about it. Just brushing my teeth and sleeping was amazing though! I didn’t worry about my hair or makeup tonight!

Speaking of makeup, I compiled all of the makeup I wiped off over the month (well at least most of it):

Can you tell which days I wiped off my eye makeup? I opened a bottle of eye makeup remover I’d had on me for maybe a year on day 1 of my experiment and look at it now!

30 days of eyes rubbed raw

I’m really excited to be able to wear my warm red jacket, some comfy pants and shirt, and my good ol’ Walmart shoes!





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