Day 28: Valentine’s Day

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Today I’m going to take a break from my usual girl blogs and dedicate this entry to my dearly beloved Noah.

On January 5th 2008, Noah kissed me for the first time. I was excited but scared, thinking I shouldn’t get into a relationship right after coming out of one. I was sure that it wouldn’t last, that I was making a huge mistake and I would lose him as a friend. But whenever we were together everything felt so right!

On January 8th, 2008, Noah told me he loved me for the very first time. I had been thinking it, but I was too scared and insecure.

February 14th we decided to finally make it official. I was so certain it would end, but it just got better and more amazing every day.

Just holding his hand feels like sliding into a warm bubble bath. We never ever get enough of each other. Even after spending every day together we feel like we haven’t had time to appreciate each other fully if there’s been a busy day.

Noah appreciates me for who I am, he embraces my flaws, loves them in fact. For instance, my overbite that I used to try to cover up, he thinks it’s cute! I wish there was some way to convey to him how much he means to me besides fluffed up sentences and small examples.

The thing that makes me know that he’s the one is that he loves my personality and intelligence far more than my looks. In fact, my body and face mean little to him at all. He tells me almost every day something he loves about me.

Even when I make a fool out of myself, he makes it seem better!

I didn’t have enough money to buy him something special, but this morning he opened the door with his arms piled with all of my favorite treats: potstickers, goat cheese, crackers, chocolates(milk free because I’m lactose intolerant) and a bouquet of roses!

He knows who I am and what I like and can always tell if I’m upset. I had a tendency to not talk about things that bothered me because I always assumed I was wrong, but his intuition brought my problems forward whether I felt like talking about them or not. I was forced to be completely honest with him and myself and it feels so amazing to know that honesty is so welcome!

Noah is a great man, his love, his kindness, his deep consideration, and his assertiveness have pushed me to become a person who believes in herself to go forward with her ideas and without him I would have never done this experiment!

My ideas and inspirations are welcomed and encouraged, he makes me feel like a smart person, a creative person, a good person. Without him I imagine that I would be going to college, jumping through the hoops, going through the motions, with no aim or passion.

Our intimacy and trust knows no bounds, and I will never have such a connection with any other.

Noah, I love you so much! Adocleo, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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