Day 24: Slumped

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Today I woke up at 7:49(late!!)! I rushed to put on makeup and somehow got to school on time but it was incredibly stressful.

I think this set the tone for the whole day because throughout it I felt really unhappy. I think this experiment is really wearing on me.

I think I failed at getting a supportive circle of girlfriends and it’s hard to want to keep up with this without the feeling of belonging to something.

Maybe I’m just disappointed in myself for not going as far as I could have with this. I know that I had limitations but I’ll never be able to replicate this again without already knowing what’s in store for me.

I read an article in Glamour called “What his Valentine Gift says About your Relationship” it was funny how ridiculous and judgmental it was. You would think that girls would understand by now that guys don’t leave subliminal messages hidden around their actions, girls do that! I mean, if a guy got her something really weird like knives it’s an obvious sign but roses and/or a box of chocolates doesn’t mean anything.


By the way, this is the skankiest outfit I’ll be wearing for the month (hopefully), so stay tuned!

I think I just need to take these last few days as seriously as I can. I feel like I’ve been slacking, and the slacking is putting a slump in my shoulders. I did this to learn, not to complain. Tomorrow is going to be a whole new day!


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