Day 22: Makeup

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I woke up at 6:45 this morning! I’m really proud of myself because not only did I wake up easily but I could have woken up earlier than that! This is a big deal because there are many times the alarm goes off at 6 and we press the snooze button despite the fact that I could get up then when we wake up 30 minutes later I am so tired I want to die just so I can sleep longer.

Ahh! looking good sure feels good!

Also, I finally had the time to thoroughly do my makeup and hair. It seemed like forever, and it definitely lightened my mood quite a bit! Also, I just HAVE to brag; but I got that adorable shirt at Goodwill! Being stylish and thrifty is the ultimate win!

Other than my looking AMAZING all day, nothing much happened. It was a typical hellish Monday; busy from 9am till 9 pm. 12 hour days at school are great!

I have to say this whole makeup business can be really fun! My boyfriend could even agree. This morning was daunting because my outfit required a very specific color scheme: Green, black, and white. I had no idea what to make my eyeshadow. I heard from someone that you’re not supposed to match eyeshadows with outfits but from everyone else I’ve received compliments for perfect color coordination.

I was so conflicted I even resorted to Yahoo answers to find my solution. I was told that whatever color is least common on my outfit should be on my eyes and by other sources that a little bit of green with black liner and mascara would work.

So I did the green. It looked amazing! Then my wonderfully genius boyfriend suggested I put some silver on the top lid; I taught him well! So, I ended up putting dark green on the eyelid, lighter green above it, and silver above that. I was feeling a little saucy so I added some darker silver to the under-eye a little. I also added a very very light green/blue to the insides of my eyes. It looked fantastic!

Of course the picture makes it look average

Pretty much that was my day; obsessing over my looks. The rest was doing homework running between classes and going to a meeting.

But I realized I’m channeling my old high school self a lot through this project in more ways than girly. I’ve been having a lot of trouble concentrating in class and have a deep desire to write and/or doodle. These were things I did a lot in high school, but somehow abandoned in college. But I’m also getting incredibly insecure, and not only about my appearance. I feel awkward like I lack social skills all of a sudden.

I don’t know how much of this is related to who I interacted with today at school or if it has something to do with me trying to get in touch with my girly side by bringing back the me that was as close to girly as I ever was.

I don’t like this though, it’s not right. This project is meant for me to discover a new self, not an old, obsolete one.

When I finally got home at 9 and got to take off all my clothes I was in for a surprise:


Saggy ears.

Level 4 pain tolerance earrings

I had definitely worked my way up to this amount of weight. remember days 1-3 where I was constantly in pain? If I had worn these guys on those days my ears would be bleeding. Now I can see why women have a higher pain tolerance than men because I was only mildly annoyed by the weight of these all day.

Something that is kind of scaring me is the necklace I wore today. It always leaves a weird grey mark and I suspect at times that it could be causing reactions. Maybe I just need to clean it:

Noah has gotten genuinely annoyed by how long I take to coordinate a new outfit. He thinks I’m way too critical and I should just settle. He has no idea what kind of pressure I’m under (in my head) to look amazing every day.

I have expectations to keep. People have been so impressed so far by my capabilities and I hate disappointing! I have to make sure that every outfit fits the part as much as I can or I have failed at the cardinal rule of girlyness.

Actually, now that I think of it, what is the cardinal rule of girlyness? I need to do some research.

First time utilizing a waist belt, wish me luck!


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