Day 21: Disappearing

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Today I woke up at noon. Somehow I ended up not having time to put on makeup or style my hair. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see me that day anyway, it was Superbowl Sunday, and naturally, as a girly girl, I had to disappear.

This made me wonder if that was even true; do girly girls attend sports events? I interviewed a few girls who identified as girly but then hesitated saying that they didn’t fit the stereotype because they liked to get dirty and liked sports. I just decided that they weren’t the kind of girly I was aiming for, at least not to the level I was going to take it.

But I also realized that most girly girls were the popular chicks in high school, and one common thing those girls did was regularly attend football games/cheerlead for said games. These are too many stereotypes piling on one another though, and the theory is too shaky to put to practice.

So I went to my house during the Superbowl, and Noah went to have some beers and watch the game with his brother. While at my house I remembered an article I read called 12 Things Men Really Find Romantic. Thing 3 was “Give Him a Night Out with the Boys — No Strings Attached”. I realized that it was uncommon for a girl to let her man out without considerable guilt tripping/pouting.

I decided I should call him up; this wasn’t going to be one of those romantic times. It was hard to make myself so insecure, in fact I just couldn’t do it. I wonder why these women are like this? It really is sad to know that men are throwing away their friendships when it comes to committing to a woman, or at least that’s how it seems in most cases.

It makes me understand why the dating game is so damn tough for girls. Men don’t want to throw away their lives, and rightfully so. But why then do women do this so often, why don’t women loosen the leash to show that relationships don’t have to result in a ball and chain?


Got a black waistbelt, some colorful earrings, and white tights!

After watching Sex and the City a few more episodes in, I’ve gained a little more respect for it. It has potential to be a really legitimate show if it weren’t for the fact that that Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte are complete stereotypical 2-dimensional characters. It makes for great research though because these stereotypes (besides Miranda’s) fall into the girly girl category. This show empowers women at the same time as categorizing them.

Samantha desperately grasps onto her youth, sleeping with any man that can make her feel like she’s the young little thing she once was.

Miranda is the raging feminist that most men cringe at the sight of. I despise her character the most because she is the reason guys judge so harshly whenever I act angry or passionate about anything. I’ve always hated when men tried to categorize me as “angry bitch” over one incident where I wasn’t letting someone step all over me. I am not a Miranda and usually I can be quite passive.

Charlotte is the average girl. The one that wants marriage with the perfect man, a cute house and essentially wants to be the modern day Cinderella.

Of course, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is “perfect”. Not too desperate, not too aloof, she epitomizes the “perfect girl” or at least what women think the perfect girl would be. For some reason she can get any man she wants without even trying and even stranger yet she doesn’t really reject any of these guys, she just sleeps with them and moves on (with class of course).

I like that these women are allowed to sleep around without dealing with moral repercussions, I just wish the media would portray women as real people, not caricatures.

But caricatures are so fun to dress up!

It’s strange that my girly experiment has pushed me to become more feminist, but I think the reason I started this experiment was that I hated being categorized, and wanted to see what the appeal was for people to happily put themselves in a box like that. Also, maybe I really was one of these people, and I just didn’t know.

But being in a box feels so constricting. I have been craving more than ever to go out and meet new people, to become new people. It feels so cut off and exclusive, as if I can only do and like certain things.

I was craving something different so much today that I almost picked up a hitchhiker. The only reason I didn’t was because it was obviously a terrible idea to pick up a male hitchhiker on a secluded road alone in the car. But still, I was very tempted.

This personality is definitely wearing on me. It’s like a mask that was fun to keep on because life just seemed better but now my face is sweaty under the plastic and I just want to take it off! Of course, this is just one day, other days I love this new, different me. I’m betting tomorrow will be great, especially with my adorable new outfit!


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