Day 16: Chugging Along

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Today I woke up at 6:49!! I was panicky, I thought we had to leave ASAP, and Noah always ended up late to his class because of my high maintenance experiment in the past. He informed me that we still had 45 minutes to get ready, but that still was not enough for me!

I woke up with kinda curlyish hair and though that it might look alright if I just hairsprayed it up. I tried it and asked my mom, she said “Good, but a little messy” Sorry mom, but coming from you that means it looks completely unpresentable.

I brushed out the hairspray and tried to curl my hair with a straightener. Hey, I’ve seen it done and it looks fantastic!! But I realized then I have no idea what the hell to do when it comes to curling my hair with a straightener.

Long story short, my hair has never been treated so cruelly, and after trying over and over again I finally just straightened it. My hair was furious with me though and refused to straighten properly.

The chunks of stiffly limp hair say it all

I didn’t even have time to do eye makeup, and I left a vital portion of eyeshadows at Lacey’s, which I have yet to get back.

We finally went back to Noah’s house, I realized that at my house I tend to be a huge lazy ass, which contributes to the feeling that it’s something of a vacation from the stressors of life, but once I got back to Noah’s, I felt the passion override the stress and once I did some studying went back to writing furiously.

Not that I’m saying being at my place makes me this no good slacker, I just look at it as my haven where I can finally kick off my shoes and do nothing for a good 8 hours straight. It’s nice, I love it!

I also brought to his house a bunch of clothes that would prove useful for this. You thought packing for my hosue was bad, look at what I just brought up alone(not including the clothes from Noah’s)!

I didn’t know I had so much clothes!!

I have a lot more overcoats of many types now, so this winter won’t be quite as harsh. Oh, and geuss what I got A DAY EARLY?!?! when I found out, I literally squealed, jumped around the room for a few minutes, and maintained an ear to ear grin for even longer.


They fit, they don’t hurt, and most importantly, they are SO CUTE! Now I need to figure out how to maintain their immaculate perfection. And considering my light brown boots, that’s going to be an enormous challenge. I have to congratulate myself though; I really know how to save money on shoes. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my light brown boots and they were only $20, these hot mamas (probably incredibly inappropriate slang for nice shoes) were only $38!

These shoes have revived my inner girly; I began this day in a terrible mood and wanted to either quit school, work, or this experiment and ended feeling so excited to show off my new shoes to everyone. That’s the true girly way! I need to let these kind of things bring me up, make me peppy, and make me carefree.

the flats I wore today on the other hand revived my inner man. Those things HURT! I wish I had my Walmart Men’s Dept. shoes again 😦

At least these new boots will hurt somewhere else


Bet you can’t wait to see me in those boots!

I can’t believe I’m more than halfway through! I feel like I haven’t really learned that much. I hope that I will be able to to spend some more girly time with girls and really be socialized. Right now, I still feel my true self tugging at me, and I miss her terribly.

Something I have learned from this is that I’m freaking awesome the way I am, and no one could tell me otherwise! I won’t go into details of just why I’m so great, but seeing myself come out at certain times reminds me that who I am is someone real and kind. People were scared that I would change for the worse, but this could only change me for the better.


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Wonderful self-confidence. Most people stay in their comfort zones until they get much older, but you seem to savor being on a fast-track of self-discovery! Oh – and nice boots!

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