Day 12: A Breath of Fresh air

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Today I woke up at 11. I forgot that I had to meet with the drama club at noon until 11:40 so I just packed all my makeup in my bag and did it in the car.


When I met with the club I felt a little flustered, so I didn’t really specify what I was looking for, but I was really glad to see that they supported my idea and weren’t offended by it.

I didn;t do much that day. Though I should explain that the house I’ve been taking pictures in isn’t really where I live, it’s just where I stay when I have to wake up early in the morning for school. My real home is 45 minutes away from school, I love it there but I’m too busy and it’s just not convenient.

My boyfriend lives at the home nearer to the school, but this weekend (it’s a Friday) he decided to go camping with some buddies. That was fine with me, because that same weekend I was going on a boat party with some girlfriends.

I had to pack for my house. Normally, when I go to my house it wasn’t a concern to pack for the weekend. This time I had to pack A LOT of stuff!

This is what I packed before this experiment:








My point exactly

What I packed this time:

Clothes for 1 day

High Maintenance?

That was pretty much my day. Whenever I get to my house I get super lazy though, so I stayed up watching trashy TV until about 1 and then went straight to bed. It was nice to relax, but I felt so guilty after wards. It was one of those rare nights where I felt completely relaxed though, so it was nice!


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