Day 7: Light at the end of the Tunnel

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Today I woke up at 2:30!! I had taken a laxative the night before because…well, why do you think? It caused incredible pain throughout the night and kept waking me up. So that’s my excuse, and no one will question an excuse that involves public humiliation.

My days are speeding up again. Today I had to do my homework, meet with Noah’s aunt Lola, an ex girly girl who knows how to work it, and hang out with an old friend. I also had to finish yesterday’s blog.

Getting ready today was an extra pain. The night before I bought some really interesting looking eyeshadows


The ad promised they would look like this:

I was like “hell yeah!” I know that before I was raving about how not using prepackaged eyeshadow was fun but this stuff promised awesome eyes that looked ridiculously girly. So today was the day I got to try it out.

Now let me say that I’m actually well known by friends to be an expert realist artist. I can draw pictures to look amazingly realistic. Not to toot my own horn, but I can! OK OK, I’ll show you!

My drawing of a photo of a cat.

Now what I’m getting at with all this is that I wasn’t concerned with making this look amazing, even though it seemed to be a very difficult feat to pull this off. Maybe I just suck at applying makeup, but I DID NOT pull this off!


This was my first experience with a huge rip off. But at least it looked good enough for me to feel like a girly girl.

Of course what only made it worse was when Lola came over to help me be girly she kindly pointed out that girly girls do not wear that much blue eyeshadow, and they if anything, spend hours working on looking natural.

I got a lot of good advice today from Lola along with some fancy stuff.

Yes, that is a real Burberry bag


I learned a lot about how to style hair though I could never describe it in words…mostly because I can’t remember it anymore. All I know is that it’s really hard to do and just as hard to pull off. Noah will probably do the rolling for me because I will just mess it up though by the end of this month I have to know how to do it!



I realized all the stuff I was doing before was child’s play compared to what real girly girls subject themselves to. But hot damn, the end result definitely had its rewards!


If only it were just a little easier to look this good every day…

The day was short overall. I’m going to give my toenails a French manicure soon enough. I don’t want to get too hasty and say tomorrow because tomorrow I’ll be really busy. But soon enough.
I hung out with a girlfriend. We got some longer leggings at Target and I bought some hand wipes for my bag. I just need to remind myself to use them when necessary. Having girl talk was great! I miss being able to have heart to hearts with a fellow female.

Not that there’s anything wrong with my boyfriend, it’s just that there’s a different dynamic. We are more philosophical in our conversations. It’s not really fitting to talk about relationships with the person who you’re in a relationship with. It’s not really appropriate to talk about guys when he doesn’t have any other experience with dating men.

I really need to hang out with other girls more. Being around guys makes it nearly impossible to act feminine, and its showing. It’s just hard to push myself onto other women who I wasn’t friends with before. I don’t want to seem like a stalker…

I think it’s just a gradual process. I can’t jump into having a tight circle of gal pals until I’ve actually developed closer relationships. That’s one of the positive things I hope to get out of this; some good friendships. I’ve always sucked at making and keeping friends.

Not to say that there’s anything wrong with me, I just go through phases where I’ll be really extroverted and have a bunch of friends and then get super introverted and not call them for a few months.

When people keep calling and texting me for too long I get annoyed. It’s really about maintaining friendships that I suck at. I think it’s a bad thing to be like that, because I do value people who I’ve known for a long time. But at the other end I think that’s kind of what makes me me. If I kept the exact same friends from elementary school, I wouldn’t learn what I’ve learned from the diverse array of people I’ve befriended in my past.

I think the friends you make in a way reflects what kind of person you are. So what kind of person am I if I can’t maintain friendships? And what kind of person am I if all my friends are completely different people?


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Holy crap you can draw!

I know what you’re talking about with friendships! There seems to be a social requirement that in order to be friends, you have to say in constant touch. Well a couple of my best friends are those with whom I don’t have to stay in constant contact – and sometimes we haven’t been in touch for nearly a year. I’m learning to be who I am and to let relationships flow naturally – and to embrace them all – whether they are short and intense or long and intermittent!

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