Day 1: The Ultimate Test of Wills

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Day 1 was one of the most trying days in all honesty. My shopping trip with some girlfriends was postponed until this day and I woke up at noon. This is a late start for me, especially my first day.



I made sure to take pictures and video of me applying makeup and styling my hair but in between styling my hair and doing my makeup I had issues transferring video from the camcorder to the computer. Some of the videos were deleted but fortunately the camera I had on me also was capable of shooting video.


I still have to figure out how to edit these videos so you won’t be seeing them in a while

Anyway, I tried calling my friend and she never answered or called back. At 3pm I gave up and decided the most useful thing I could do for the day was get a manicure.

I’ve never had acrylic nails before, it was pretty frightening, they look very nice though. I do feel uncomfortable typing or really using my fingers in general but beauty is pain!


Then my boyfriend and I decided we could at least try buying one girly outfit. It was so so stressful! Trying on clothes is something I need to learn to love but right now I loathe with a passion! (As you can see by the depressed looks on my face)

Completely unrelated, but having pictures of strangers smiling at you while you undress is not something that people hope for when shopping and trying out clothing.




Tomorrow I hope things will go better, but I will be wearing a skirt all day so I expect I will be just as unhappy. And shit, I just remembered I need a matching jacket/sweater for that number!! I do not live in California, I live in a cold, windy, and rainy region. 😦

On another note, it cost around $150!!! for today’s stuff!! I’m going to have to find some very generous girls to donate their out of season clothing because there is no way I can keep this up!


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